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“PeeBuddy’s first and foremost concern is hygiene. No more UTI’s, No more dirty toilets. Now with PeeBuddy – a simple USE & THROW product, females can STAND & PEE in all unfriendly toilets. Public toilets are rarely clean and even if they are well managed there is still a sense of fear/reluctance amongst women to use them. But their (Public Toilet) usage is indispensable especially for the ones who are always on the go whether for work or leisure (Flights/Highways/Treks/Malls or even offices) and we believe PeeBuddy is the solution to all that. We also see product adding value to expecting mothers or for whose with medical concerns (Arthritis etc), we wanted the use to be simple & hence PeeBuddy comes with simple Open, Place & Pee instructions on the pack.”

PeeBuddy is made by using waterproof coated paper hence there is no soiling & is a use and throw product. It is shaped as a funnel, is light weight and conveniently designed for women to carry in their bags at all times.

It is time to bid adieu to all the woes attached to public toilets as one can now comfortably walk in with PeeBuddy and STAND & PEE.

  • Made from coated paper (waterproof).
  • Effective for urinating in public / dirty toilets
  • For single use only, throw after use.

About Us

PeeBuddy is the brain child of Delhi based organization FIRST STEP PROJECTS and has been invented to put to rest all the inconveniences women has to experience using public toilets. As the name suggests, PeeBuddy is touted to become a female’s best buddy for unfriendly toilets! It is a respite for the bladders of those females who completely squirm at the thought of public toilets or find it a rather cumbersome procedure to crouch over or cover the toilet seat with the toilet paper. The toilet seats can now be completely avoided and women now don’t have to be petrified of the germs lurking in the toilet seats.

PeeBuddy is ideal for public toilets, airports and flights, hospitals, highways, railways just about every toilet outside your home. Public toilets are the hub for infectious water borne and air borne diseases causing UTI and other diseases.

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