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Vaastu Tips For Your Washroom

If you want a vaastu compliant home, then do not ignore your washroom area, it needs all of your due attention. Location of a toilet is most significant for the physical wellbeing and prosperity of the family members living there. You need to adhere by the vaastu principles/guidelines to get maximum benefit.
In view of doing vaastu for your home, you ought to pay great attention to the most neglected part of the house- washrooms/toilets. Lets discuss about the vaastu tips which will help you to make your toilet compliant with vaastu:

Sanitation - Pee Buddy

Best Location of the toilet: ideally North west direction is the best, besides that you can also construct your washroom in the south east.

Worst Location of the toilet: north east and east are two directions in which construction must be avoided.

To be positioned away from the kitchen and dining hall: avoid positioning the toilet next to your kitchen or close to it. Keep it at further most possible distance for vaastu reasons and also for scientifically proved reasons, keeping hygiene in mind.

Direction of the toilet seat / W.C: Southeast/ Northwest direction is ideal for the toilet seat and WC should never be placed underneath the stairs or right in the front of the toilet near the bathroom door.

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