Gauri Bareja
It's a luxury for ladies, Super convinient gives u a clean feeling I used it at quite a few public toilets,  So ladies give it a try n say bye bye to invisible chairs in unhygienic toilets.
Archana Chopra
Amazing thing you have launched, I have already tried it and this is wow!!
I would recommend all women travelers to buy this. Especially while travelling in India. As often we find extremely horrible loos.
Mansi Setia
Next time u find dirty toilets don't hesitate to stand and pee..... Your friend pee buddy is here
Shalini Goldar
This is a must for ladies, this provides the benefit of urinating in peace and not having to sit on dirty toilets. Ladies who have knee problems and difficulty squatting in indian toilets will love this. Its very simple to use. There are a few videos on youtube on how ...