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Summer Essentials :: PeeBuddy

Summer Essentials

Its the sunshine season again…..and you can not let weather get in the way of your fun &  style.

We for sure love our customers and hence will be sharing some ‘Beat the Heat’ tips with you -:

1) Hydrate – Drink lots of water . The latest rage in drinks are ‘Vitamin Water’ ‘ Flavoured Water’ ‘Cold Pressed Juices’ , pamper yourself with these or go for the good old home made juices. Just make sure your throat is never parched .

2) Cover up  – Style it up with a pretty scarf while protecting your skin hair from the harsh sunlight. Use sunglasses for your eyes and a sunblock for the exposed areas of your skin. Even the lipstick / lip gloss that you use should have an SPF.

3) Wet Wipes – Buy these in bulk and never run out of these. You can use it for wiping off the sweat from face & hands. Special Intimate Area wipes can be used to wipe underarms and bikini area and get rid off sweat and odour from these areas. Use Multi Utility wipes to clean shared equipments at places like Gymnasiums , Offices , Public Toilets.

4) Appropriate fabric – Please wear only cotton clothes during summers. Avoid synthetics as they cause additional perspiration and hence a body odour.

Make use of these tips and enjoy this –  season of light….intense light & joy !


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