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PeeBuddy Can Make Me Feel At An Equal Footing With Men

Take Care of Your Body; it’s the Only Place you have to Live”!!
– Jim Rohn

A Good Body reflects a Clean Mind and in this world of mayhem work, it is very important and essential to maintain oneself. Personal hygiene and maintenance is epitome of cleanliness.

We all work hard and play hard too. Adventurous trips, trekking, hiking’s and any kind of outings are the common getaways from this mundane, mad world we live in. Escape into solace is the new mantra during weekends. Women have started taking a lot of these trips together to share some Girl Time and have a lot of fun. A lot of places with different routes are chalked out to traverse and decide on one of them. Now, here’s an immediate thought that strikes a woman’s mind at lightning speed – “Where do we get clean and hygienic restrooms or are there even places for attending nature’s calls”? Primary essential thought to ponder over. On these trips we take, it is very hard to find a restroom, let alone a clean one. (I’m sure all my women members agree.) Does it mean, we stop taking such trips and go on the more conventional five – star hotels and sight-seeing trips? Of Course NOT!!!
Here is the most fantastic solution and this friendly product is called “PeeBuddy”!
Who is this PeeBuddy?

PeeBuddy is our most awaited pal who caters to all our bio-break on trips. It is the easiest way to Pee for women. Women on the Go, can just Go without any difficulties.
For all those Women in need of an adrenaline rush, but don’t know where to execute the nature’s rush, here’s the much needed product. This buddy helps you pee with ease in any unfriendly toilets and places where there are no toilets too.
It is time to bid adieu to all the woes attached to public toilets as one can now comfortably walk in with PeeBuddy and STAND & PEE.

PeeBuddy – First and foremost motto is Hygiene! Come and Experience the new way to Stand and Pee hygienically and fearlessly.

Move on from Infection to Precaution Perfection.

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Have You Heard Of Breaking The Seal?

Do you Booze and dash to the washroom! Well Booze and pee go hand in hand. We all have witnessed boozers to pee more frequently than normal. Alcohol is considered to be a diuretic, it induces heavy urination. So how does Alcohol break the seal? What’s the connection?

Logical Explanation: So to explain in clinical terms, alcohol affects the ant diuretic hormone (ADH), also called as Arginine Vasopressin which regulates the quantity of water released from our kidneys into the urine. It preserves a certain quantity of water by forming a porous area in our kidneys which facilitate in flowing water back into our blood instead of passing out through the urine. Higher levels of the hormone ADH, causes the kidneys to hold on to more water inside our body which eventually decreases our urge to urinate. Alcohol suppresses the release of ADH and thereby increases urine production and therefore dehydration. It’s akin to doing away with the barrage in your kidneys and allowing free movement of water into your urine.
It only takes a small quantity of alcohol to obstruct ADH, and as you go on to drinking more alcohol the ADH levels carry on decreasing with increasing urine production. So it’s a vicious cycle..In fact it doesn’t stop at that, due to frequent urination, the body gets dehydrated faster and the next day, you tend to have a dry mouth and a terrible hangover with a severe headache. The condition becomes only worse if you are drinking with soda.

Featured Image Courtesy : medicaldaily.com

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Did You Know That Vitamins Are The Watchdog of Your Urinary Bladder?

Overactive bladder, also termed as OAB is a condition in our Urinary bladder is not able to function as it should be. An overactive bladder leads to an abrupt urge to urinate and may possibly lead to uncontrollable urination. Multiple factors such as taut or delicate pelvic muscles, persistent urinary tract infections, Urinary bladder ailments, an enlarged prostate, obesity can cause an overactive bladder. Nutrients like Vitamins could be really helpful in recovering the bladder function. Vitamins are most vital for physical and mental health. It is a key nutrient to be included in our daily diet.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of bladder infections and eases urine leakage. It is helpful in healing and repairing bladder damage. Foods like eggs, spinach, carrots, squash, mangoes and broccoli are enriched with Vitamin A.

Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12, assists in red blood cell production, acts as carriers of oxygen and essential nutrients to our kidneys, and prevents anaemia, and supports kidney function. It’s advisable to include Foods rich in vitamin B-12 like eggs, cod, cheese, yoghurt, beef liver, sausage and condensed milk.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that builds up the immune system and may well protect the urinary bladder from the destructive free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory effect on our bladder. Foods loaded with vitamin C like pineapples, kiwi, oranges, lime, tomatoes, blackberries, broccoli etc are recommended.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D reduces bladder inflammation, helps in urinary incontinence, strengthens our bladder muscles Foods rich in vitamin D include sardines, orange juice, tuna, Soy milk, salmon, cereals, egg yolks etc.

Featured Image Courtesy : washington.edu

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Toilet Etiquette

Toilet Etiquette

Are you being called a “ Toilet Bumbo “ behind your back???
Read the pointers below and avoid being an unpleasant co-worker / room mate / co-diner.

• Do not leave it wet. Don’t spill water on the floor. Wipe the wash basing after use and don’t leave your marks behind on the seat cover.

• Always carry along your own wet wipes, soft tissues so that in case you need to use a public toilet and you find the tissues/ toilet roll missing, your personal supplies can come handy.

• Door handles, knobs, faucet and sanitary bins are not likely the uncontaminated stuff to lay a hand on. So you must use wet wipes/hand sanitizer every time you need to touch them.

• Cleanse and rub hands with soap thoroughly for bare minimum 10 seconds

• Avoid the air dryers to dry your wet hands. They are likely to suck in bacteria from the surrounding air and puff it out on your hands. Bacteria grow well in hot spots and the dryers only give them the favourable environment.

• Never ever step and sit on onto the seat! The individuals doing the toilet cleaning don’t need that extra bit of work and neither does the subsequent user.

• Use odour controlling Disposal Bags. Dispose of sanitary pads, tampons & baby diapers only in disposal bags & throw them in dustbins. Do not clog toilets and sinks with these.

• Do not chuck tissues, random lint balls, candy wrappers and other debris like hair strands etc. into the wash basin, floor or urinal. Its very annoying for the other toilet users and cleaners.

• Always flush. Spare a few seconds to check and if one flush is not enough Please Re-flush!

• Do not chitchat in wash rooms. Contrary to the conviction of some office staff, a public bathroom is not a workspace with an attached toilet. For that reason, don’t utilize this particular space to gossip, conduct business or to make phone calls.

Last but not the least….Do Not Put up with unhygienic toilets. Use Pee Buddy to stand up & pee !!!!

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