Sirona’s Mother & Child Kit (Intimate & General Hygiene)

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Includes Items-
Natural Mosquito Patches (20 Patches Pack),
Multi Use Wet Wipes (Pack of 10),
Disposal Bags (Pack of 15),
Intimate Wet Wipes (Pack of 10),
PeeBuddy (Pack of 5) ,
Period Pain Relief Patches (Pack of 5 Patches)

SKU: FSP041.

Sirona Presents a special Mother & Child Hygiene Care Kit to take care of Mother & Child Intimate & General Hygiene Needs. It includes, Natural Mosquito Patches for the baby ( 24 patches for Protection from mosquitoes/Deet Free), Multi Use Wet Wipes (10 Wipes, to clean the baby/toys/surfaces), Disposal Bags (15 Bags For Discreet, Tamper Proof & Hygienic Disposal of Sanitary Products including Diapers/Pads/Tampons/Panty Liners), For the Mother it contains Intimate Wet Wipes (10 Wipes with Aloe Vera/Fruit Extracts) for her body (Bikini Area, Under Arm, Breast Area), PeeBuddy – Pack of 5 – (Using which women can Stand & Pee in all dirty/common toilets – its portable, disposable, easy to carry and ideal for Rail/Air Travel/Fuel stations/Treks/Camps – – No more wiping of seat or making chairs) & India’s First Herbal Period Pain Relief Patches (Herbal/Long Lasting/Discreet/No more Pills/Sprays, now sleep & Travel well) which can take care of pains during Periods (can be used on stomach/Back/legs) – 5 Patches. Sirona’s Mother & Child Hygiene Kit makes a perfect gift for yourself to for someone you care for.

•Gently press the top front & back to POP open the pee-buddy
•Move your panties aside,place the open end of the funnel/Pee-Buddy between your Legs right under the flow area.
•Tilt Hips/Bend a little, ensure the funnel is tilted downwards, Relax & pee.
•Dispose off in the bin.

Disposal Bags
• Take out I LOVE CLEAN Bag from the box.
•Insert the product to be disposed off from the open end of the bag.
•Take off/remove plastic under the flap(for the adhesive to work)
•Press & paste the flap properly(to protect it from opening.)
•Dispose off(PLEASE DON’T FLUSH,THROW in a BIN.)

Multi Use Wet Wipes
• Peel Front label slowly.
• Pull out wipes as needed.
•Re-seal label after each use to prevent moisture loss.

Intimate Wet Wipes
• Peel Front label slowly.
• Pull out wipes as needed.
• Re-seal label after each use to prevent moisture loss.

Natural Mosquito Patches
•Each strip contains 2 patches
•Pull out the patch from strip
•Peel off the protective film
•Stick the patch on clothes
•Dispose off after use

Period Pain Relief Patches
•Take out the strip from cover.
•Peel off the protective liner from the cuts in the middle
•Place it uniformly over the pain affected area – lower Back or lower abdomen (below the belly).
•Dispose in the bin after use.

Additional Information

Weight 310 g
Dimensions 27 x 15 x 5 cm


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