Pee Buddy [Pack of 10]

PeeBuddy- Disposable Female Urination Device-Pack of 10

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  • Brand: PeeBuddy
  • Type: 10 Individual use & throw funnels
  • Ideal for women during the use of common/dirty toilets (Restaurants, Night Clubs, Malls, Cinema Halls, Friends House, Travel, Concert, Pregnancy etc.) and on Trains and Highways
  • Made from waterproof coated paper
  • Effective for urinating in public or dirty toilets
  • For single use only, throw after use
  • Pack contains 10 funnel of Pee-Buddy
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PeeBuddy is a revolutionary product for females who hate dirty toilets when travelling (Fights/Train/Highways) for work/leisure or those with medical condition (Joint pains / Pregnancy etc). Using PeeBuddy you can simple STAND & PEE and avoid all UTIs/Infections/Yucky Experiences at Dirty Toilets. It comes with simple OPEN-PLACE-PEE instructions and is very convenient to use with no spills! Its a quality product by FIRST STEP PROJECTS team.

Cardboard::Vegetable Wax.

Additional Information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 24.5 x 11 x 1.5 cm


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