Physical changes that impact the emotional state of pubescent girls

Physical changes that impact the emotional state of pubescent girls

The word puberty strikes both a thrill and fear in the minds of young girls and their parents alike. It is a time when both the mother and the daughter pass through a rite of passage. There are humongous changes both in the physiological and emotional makeup of the adolescent girl. It is a time when the child turns into a young woman and creates a new identity for herself. Raging hormones and crankiness are a part and parcel of this age.

Timing and changes that happen during Puberty

There is no fixed age to Puberty. A girl can attain puberty at any age between eight and fifteen. This turbulent time marks many changes that occur in the girl’s psyche and body. There are many physical changes, significantly breast development, appearance of pubic hair, growth spurts are common. The most important occurrence is the onset of the menarche or the period.

Physical changes that impact the emotional state of pubescent girls

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Girls are often very self-conscious of these changes and are often shy about it. Male attention is riveted on the girls once they sprout breasts and that is quite disconcerting. Most girls become a little confused about their sexuality in the beginning, but slowly become used to their near adult bodies and learn how to look their best with their newly acquired attributes.

The other not so obvious changes that the hormones wreak on the child are a little easier to deal with. Mothers can help teach the child the importance of keeping the pubic hair trimmed and under arms waxed, to maintain optimal personal hygiene.

Menstruation is the sign of puberty

Menstrual pains and discomfort are not easy to deal with. The child has to deal with blood discharge and is often not able to handle it. It is important for both mothers and teachers to educate the child even before puberty strikes about the onset of menarche. It is quite easy to manage in these days of awareness. There is an openness in the discussion of what products are suited for managing the blood flow in the cycle. Sanitary pads and tampons are the most hygienic ways.

Physical changes that impact the emotional state of pubescent girls

Today, girls are expected to attend school, college or work through their periods and rightly so! The physical symptoms are well managed through the highly absorbent sanitary napkins and tampons and makes movement easy and embarrassment free. The pain can be relieved with application of heat, pain relieving patches and light exercise. Hot drinks and light food also helps. All in all, periods are no longer a taboo topic in modern urban households and rural areas are fast catching up with the use of sanitary napkins.

How to deal with vaginal discharge?

Physical changes that impact the emotional state of pubescent girls

Periods come and go and the slight discomfort can be borne with a stiff upper lip. But, how to manage sticky and irritating discharge that happens more often. This discharge may last a couple of days or even longer as it is often a by-product of rapid hormonal changes. The discharge makes you feel yucky and wet, and you feel like going to the bathroom every few minutes. You should not despair as this can also be handled very easily with panty liners.

Enjoy the time of budding womanhood, and get comfortable in your skin as you gear up to celebrate it!

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