Let's train our child on Sanitation

Let’s Train Our Child On Sanitation

Lets face it ….We Indians are infamous for lack of our civic sense. As citizens and as humans it is our duty to practice & preach good civic sense and clean habits that help in keeping our surroundings clean.

As parents its our first and foremost duty to train our kids about sanitation. Lets teach them how to be safe and sound and to keep our surroundings neat and clean.

• Wash…wash…and wash your hands after you go to washroom with a soap.
• Always carry your sanitizer with you and rub your handsproperly up and down criss and cross.
• Always remember to wash hands before having meals
• Lets be a role model for our kids and wash our hands & face every time we return home.
• Let them understand the meaning of cleanliness and ask them to pick the litter being thrown by them.
• While using a public or a shared toilet they should be taught on how to leave the toilet clean after use by using the flush and not soiling the seat.

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