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How to maximise space in your small washroom?

Apart from your dresser room, our bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in our home that we make use of several times a day. So you really need to work on optimising the tiny space offered. As we spend a lot of time in self grooming in this private sanctuary. Here are some tips to get the max out of your washrooms.

  1. Use a single light colour scheme: it is ideal for a small wash room, you can use different dark and light shades of the same colour chosen for variation. Your colour choice would be dependent upon the size and the availability of hte natural light through the different vents. You can choose any pastel colour from white to beige, light blue, lime, light grey etc. Light colours work best in giving the feel of a large space.
  2. Choose smaller fittings and equipments: The bathroom washbasin, wc, bathtubs, shower cubicle should be chosen with care, do not be tempted by vanity stuff, go for simple fixtures to optimise space. His will also help you to move arund freely in the washroom. Donot go for elaborate bathroom counters and closets, as they will only clutter up the space!
  3. Fix brighter lights: to make the bathroom appear bigger, as darker spaces give an impression of being small. Avoid. In some bathrooms the lighting is sufficient for looking in the mirror but other parts of the bathroom cast shadows. To do away with murky spots in your bathroom set up brighter tube lights and bulbs. Think about using CFL light bulbs for saving on electricity.
  4. Use free space above the entry door as a storage space: in case of high ceilings, you can utilise this space for also keeping your vanity stuff (extra soaps, hand washes, bath sponges and scrubs, some souvenirs, books etc on a pretty glass shelf. similarly use the space under your washbasin for making a small closet for storing additional stuff like toilet cleaners, toilet paper.

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