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Tampons make your life easier at these occasions

What is the most irritating thing during periods? It depends on woman-to-woman. Some women get irritated with the wetness, some with cramps, and some with the excessive flow. Most women are worried that the pad lining will be visible from their dresses and they won’t be able to wear their favorite dresses during those days.

So who do you think will save you from this crisis? Don’t you know? Yes, ladies, you are right. Tampons are your best friend during this course. Do you think this is the only thing tampons do? Of course not! There are innumerable benefits of tampons that you are not aware of. Let’s see them one by one.

Sirona Applicator Tampons

1. So small yet so big: Women using tampons might be aware of this benefit. Tampons can fit in any damn pocket or purse. You can just carry it casually in front of anyone (if you are ashamed of periods) without the other person noticing.

2. You walk free: Your movements are free with the use of tampons unlike when you are using pads. They offer more freedom of movement. Feeling happy and relieved ladies?

3. Wana dive in ladies? That ‘No’ for swimming during periods can be easily converted to a big ‘Yes.’ You can even swim using a tampon and rock in your swimsuit or bikini. What else can you ask for?


4. No wetty sensation: How can we ignore this benefit of tampon? Tampon saves you from the irritation caused due to period wetness. You completely forget that your uterus is shedding its lining when you use tampon. So now you are ready to rock the floor?

5. Invisible: They are literally invisible. Nobody can spot if you have periods no matter how much body-hugging your dress is. You can wear that short dress that you don’t wish to wear during menses.

PeeBuddy Sanitation

6. Crumpling:  Pads gets crumpled when in use. This is not the case with tampons. It just lets you forget that you are in your periods.

7. Comfort: They are the most comfortable option. While using tampons, you are free to wear your jeggings or tights. How cool is that!!

Sirona India

8. Wear any undies:  Yes you read that right. Tampons let you choose your underwear. You don’t have to give a second thought as to which underwear to wear while using tampons.

All your doubts cleared regarding tampons? Hope so. So go and rock in that bodycon dress or party hard in those shorts or walk the ramp in your stilettos without worrying about leakage. Sirona is also at your rescue with its premium applicator tampons.

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Ladies, if you don’t settle your period cramps, it would get to your head

There is a time in every woman’s life when she is the most irritated. She does not wish to do anything, eat anything just laze around. She just wants to be alone and keep things to herself. And when someone says or does anything against her, she just explodes. Not her fault though. It is her body and the hormones playing all the games during those trying days. Yes, the pain, the cramps during the period takes a toll on her physical and mental state.


Many around her suggest that she should take care of herself by doing simple things like exercise, getting proper sleep, and healthy diet to avoid these circumstances. Even though she tries doing all this, the responsibilities she has to perform don’t let her stick to the routine many times. All this ignorance leads to serious health issues. Many ladies tend to ignore early warning signs of danger, especially period cramps. They think this is just normal, routine.

Let’s see why period cramps should not be considered just normal and taken seriously.

What are period cramps and when do they occur?

There is a pain or severe pressure in your belly during periods. Sometimes your lower back, inner thighs or hips also experience pain. These are the most common symptoms of cramps. In severe cases, the stomach gets upset or leads to loose motions.


What causes cramps?

During periods, the uterus, a muscle, contracts. When it contracts strongly, the oxygen supply to the uterus gets disrupted as the nearby blood vessels get pressed. This leads to cramps.
What are the results when period cramps are ignored?

1.Endometriosis: The most common of all is endometriosis, in which the tissue lining the womb is found in other body parts. This lining starts enclosing the fallopian tubes, ovaries, parts of the stomach, and bladder or bowel. This leads to excruciatingly painful periods and bowel movements or pain during or after physical contact. The symptoms adversely affect daily activities of a woman. If ignored it may even affect fertility.

2.Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: This is also a common result if period cramps are not treated on time. It is a serious bacterial infection in the reproductive organs of women such as uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes. This infection is usually transmitted sexually. The infection can also occur due to childbirth, abortion, endometrial biopsy, insertion of an intra-uterine device in women’s body, and miscarriage. The pain caused due to this infection is not that severe but if it is severe seek immediate medical help.

3.Uterine Fibroids: These are benign tumors that grow in the uterus, inside or outside the muscular uterine wall. These are common in women in thirties or forties. The pain/cramp is due to inflammation or the fibroids/tumors pressing the uterus. It may lead to painful period cramps, longer than usual periods, bleeding between menstrual cycle, and pressure on lower tummy.

4.Ovarian Torsion: In this condition, a cyst is formed that leads to twisting of the ovary. This blocks the blood flow to ovaries and renders them functionless. It is a serious medical condition that should not be ignored.

Will you dare to ignore period cramps anymore after reading the above points? Hope no. Don’t worry ladies. Someone is here to take care of all our needs in those difficult times. Sirona, our pal, is here with period pain patches that will provide you relief from the monthly period cramps and pain.

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10 things menstrual relief pills would do to your body

Periods, a word that sends shivers down the spine of some ladies. Not that they are the only ones who have to go through the crisis. Some women are blessed as they are unaware of period pain whilesome experience excruciating pain during periods that ismanytimes unbearable. The saddest part is they have to bear this not just once but every month.

To get instant relief from the pain and cramps, many women rely on pills or other medications. Have you given a thought whether the pills, apart from saving you from the pain, are doing any good to you? If not, then go through the article which will give you insights about the pills and will make easy for you to decide whether to have them or no.

Young Woman Girl Concerns Rest

1.Allergy: Some drugs might lead to allergic reactions in some woman. Signs like rash, redness, itching or blisters might occur. Even though it is a less severe effect, it cannot be ignored.

2.Liver failure: As we know, the liver metabolizes drugs and detoxifies chemicals.Just imaginewhat will happen if the liver stops functioning or its functioning becomes slow? It leads to dark urine, upset stomach, tiredness, throwing up and many other severe effects. This happens with the intake of menstrual pills.

3.Steven-Johnson syndrome:

Steven-Johnson syndrome

This is a chronic skin reaction. It shows some alarming symptoms like blisters, red, swollen, and peeling skin. It may even lead to death. So you need to think a hundred times before having pills.

4.Decreased immunity: Menstrual pills attack your immune system.It reduces white blood cells like neutrophiles and granulocytes reducing the immunity.

5.Decreased platelet count: Platelets stop bleeding by clumping and clotting blood vessels. Their reduced number leads to spontaneous and excessive bleeding. The condition is known as thrombocytopenia.In this, the platelet count drops to less than 150,000 platelets per microliter.

6.Giant hives: It is an allergic reaction also known as angioedema.In this condition, there is a swelling under the skin along with hives. It also includes stomach cramping and discolored patches or rash on the hands, arms, and feet.

7.Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN): TEN is considered as the most severe skin reaction. The early signs of TEN are flu-like symptoms. Then in few days, blisters appear on the skin, and it starts peeling off forming painful raw areas. The most severe symptoms of TEN include multi-organ failure.

8.Swelling of vocal cord:

Vocal cord has two muscle tissues,larynx and trachea, located side by side.Swelling of vocal cord is also known as laryngitis. In this,the vocal cords vibrate differently than normal, leading to change in the sound of our voice. You can even lose your voice if the inflammation is severe.

9.Sleepy dysfunctioning: This is the most common of all the side effects. Either you are too sleepy or drowsy, or you find trouble sleeping. This may happen if your intake of pills is higher.

10.Hepatitis: It is a liver infection caused when there is an overdose or prolonged exposure to a particular drug. In simple language, it is known as drug-induced hepatitis.

Are you still going to depend on these pills after reading all the side effects? Hope no. Instead lead a healthy and peaceful life by having a nutritiously rich meal, herbal tea intake, regular exercise, sound sleep and of course, our Sirona Pain Relief Patches.

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If you don’t change your pad frequently

If you don’t change your pad frequently

You get up in the morning, and you find some changes down. You guess what it is without even looking at it. Yes, ladies!! You are on your chums. Then thinking of the four to five day’s irritation, wetness, drowsiness, nausea you get annoyed. You are irritated because you have an important meeting, a trip or an event to attend and a hell lot of other things to do during these days and the burden keeps on piling.

What is more astounding is some ladies, rather all, are so busy or lazy that they just drag their day in one pad. Come on ladies!! Now don’t say you are not among them. We all at some point tend to ignore our health due to many stupid reasons. Now you will say what has not changing pads frequently got to do with health? But yes, it is related. Let’s see how.


They present everywhere, the microbes, in the air that you breathe, the phone that you use, also in the menstrual blood. If you don’t change your pads frequently, their population will grow rapidly and lead to deadly vaginal infection.When you are not wearing a well-fitted panty, the blood stains them along with the pads.

2.More irritation: When you still are lazy and ignorant, the infection worsens and leads to irritation. Redness of that area is also common.


It is due to itchiness. You just feel like scratching all the time. It leads to more severe inflammation or ‘Pad Rash.’

4.Chaffing: Now what’s this? It occurs when your wet pad rubs against your thighs. In simple terms, it means peeling of the skin of your inner thighs.

5.Toxic shock syndrome (TSS): Shocked? Yes, when you don’t take care of yourself why will others spare you? Wondering how can this be the result of not changing your pads frequently? TSS is a life-threatening condition caused due to bacterial infection. Symptoms include a sudden fever, vomiting or diarrhea, headaches and so on. Dangerous right?

6.Urinary tract infection (UTI): This is a grave condition that happens when the population of organisms like E. coli has increased. It leads to pain while urinating, frequent urination, and feeling the need to urinate despite having an empty bladder.

7.Smelly, Eww!!:

The infection leads to a strong and unbearable stench. You just cannot concentrate in any of your tasks with this.

Still pondering ladies? Oh come on now, aren’t these many serious issues enough for you to move and change your pads frequently?Request you all to take care of yourself mainly during these days by changing pads every 6 hrs (tampons every 3hrs). Don’t wait for any other alarming signs. Request to all the guys out there;enlighten all the ladies in your life with this, if you love your sister, your wife, your mother, your friend.

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Making the Public toilets safe and clean- Sanitize and go ahead

Making the Public toilets safe and clean- Sanitize and go ahead

Public toilets are the saviors when we are out and are hit with an urgent need to pee. But the problem with them is that they come with this huge issue of germs and lack of hygiene. Most of the times we have no choice but to use them. So it is best to know of the ways to sanitize them before using to save yourself from bacterial attack. Here are the top two ways to sanitize public toilets.

1. Using a toilet seat cover

The toilet seat covers act as a shield between your skin and the toilet seat, thereby making sure that you do not come in direct contact with the germs. Most of the public toilets have such cover made from wax paper in holders inside each stall or hanging from the wall. You can wipe off the toilet seat with a tissue if it is already wet and then place the seat cover. While placing the seat cover make sure that the central tab is hanging down so it automatically flushes after use.

Making the Public toilets safe and clean- Sanitize and go ahead

You can carry your own toilet seat cover for situations where there is no cover available in the bathroom. If carrying a toilet seat cover is too much of an issue for you, then there is another really simple way out to this. Make a toilet seat cover by using toilet papers. Just place one or two layers of toilet paper on the seat and sit. Do not forget to flush the papers too after you are done.

2. Disinfect the toilet seat

The toilet seat is the hub of the most bacteria and germs. So it is your best bet to disinfect the toilet seat before sitting on it. Begin with using some toilet paper to wipe the seat until you find it dry. A wet surface has more bacteria than a dry one. You can wet the paper with some soap and water before wiping the seat, just to be sure that it is clean.

Making the Public toilets safe and clean- Sanitize and go ahead

Most people carry the bottle of hand sanitizer in their bag. Give a few drops of it on the toilet seat and then go ahead with wiping using the toilet paper. If you are someone who has to spend long hours outside then your best bet is to keep some disinfectant wipes in your bag. You can use the wipes on the seat to clean it before you sit to use it. Since you will need to flush the wipe after use, it is best to check if the wipe that you are using is flushable or not. You would not want to clog the toilet with your disinfectant wipes.

Making the Public toilets safe and clean- Sanitize and go ahead

The other alternative to disinfectant wipes is the alcohol wipes. They are safer to use as they are gentler on the skin. The website Pee Buddy says that when it comes to public toilets, the popular saying that it is better to be safe than sorry, holds very true. You can visit the website to know more about sanitation and hygiene.

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