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Vaastu Tips For Your Washroom

If you want a vaastu compliant home, then do not ignore your washroom area, it needs all of your due attention. Location of a toilet is most significant for the physical wellbeing and prosperity of the family members living there. You need to adhere by the vaastu principles/guidelines to get maximum benefit.
In view of doing vaastu for your home, you ought to pay great attention to the most neglected part of the house- washrooms/toilets. Lets discuss about the vaastu tips which will help you to make your toilet compliant with vaastu:

Sanitation - Pee Buddy

Best Location of the toilet: ideally North west direction is the best, besides that you can also construct your washroom in the south east.

Worst Location of the toilet: north east and east are two directions in which construction must be avoided.

To be positioned away from the kitchen and dining hall: avoid positioning the toilet next to your kitchen or close to it. Keep it at further most possible distance for vaastu reasons and also for scientifically proved reasons, keeping hygiene in mind.

Direction of the toilet seat / W.C: Southeast/ Northwest direction is ideal for the toilet seat and WC should never be placed underneath the stairs or right in the front of the toilet near the bathroom door.

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Are you geared up to fight mosquito bites?

Mosquitoes reside in grassy patches/lawns and shrubs situated close to human habitats. Their preferred breeding ground is stagnant/standing water. They gather in abandoned birdbaths, bunged up rain gutters, rainstorm drains, swimming pools, etc. Therefore, people residing in hot and humid areas are more prone to mosquito bites as mosquitoes thrive in these climatic conditions. Children are more sensitive to mosquito bites than adults.

And surprisingly only female mosquitoes bite humans. Because female mosquitoes need blood for reproduction which they get from biting humans. Mosquitoes can not only cause rashes and red itchy bumps but also transmit diseases malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, meningitis, encephalitis (brain infection). It’s best to prevent conditions that are conducive to mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant and dirty water. So discourage mosquito breeding and being bitten by the following measures:

  1. Discard or flip over containers, tubs, buckets, pots that can possibly collect contaminated water.
  2. Do not keep unused tires in your store or garage.
  3. Make sure there are no pipes or open drains in your premises.
  4. You can replace your old light fittings with yellow CFL Lights to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  5. Don’t overdo when you water the plants in your garden as they might accumulate water and encourage mosquitoes to breed.
  6. Avoid going to swimming pool during the monsoon season.
  7. Outdoor activities also need to be minimised to keep one safe from mosquito bites.
  8. Make sure that your doors and windows are mosquito proof. You can use meshed doors to ward them off.

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Sanitation - PeeBuddy

Do You Prefer Hand Dryers Over Paper Towels?

We all know that public toilets are infested with bacteria, but are you aware that every single time you use an electric hand dryer to dry your hands in a public toilet, you might be dispersing germs without realising. What’s more you possibly your hands and body will also be sprayed with bacteria from other user’s hands. Three compelling reasons for using paper towels instead of Hand dryers:

  • Decline in hygiene: It is commonly observed that hand sanitation adherence would probably decline if tissue papers are not offered in washroom counters. People prefer tissues for wiping hands once they are through with their job rather than blow drying their hands.Sanitation - PeeBuddy
  • Contaminated areas: Tissues are the best choice for washrooms where infectivity is unchecked. Air movement promotes the spreading and microbes and increase contamination. Used Hand dryers in public washrooms are frequently contaminated and can release germs in their air flow.
  • Hand dryers make a poor sanitising choice: Hand dryers are the least efficient mode of removing germs from washed hands. Carry Feminine Hygiene Products like wet wipes to clean your hands if you do not want to touch the faucets or use the paper towels.

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Did you know that a handful of herbs can help you fend off mosquitoes?

Ever heard of these??

I was nicknamed Skeeter in Little League because I was small and fast, like a mosquito flying across the outfield….SkeetUlrich
Music as background to me becomes like a mosquito, an insect. In the studio we have big speakers, and to me that’s the way music should be listened to. When I listen to music, I want to just listen to music. ….David Lynch

Psyched by itchy welts? Try these useful tips to keep yourself safe from mosquito bites….

The sheer thought of a mosquito bite drives everyone crazy. Just about every mosquito season raises an alarm with the onslaught of mosquitoes and diseases caused by them. People try everything from wearing long sleeves, trousers to keep their bodies covered as much as they can to minimise exposure to bug bites. Others also use mosquito repellents, mosquito repellent lotions, creams, mosquito nets to keep themselves safe from these skeeters.

But how about doing it the natural way, what’s more you can keep seek help from some plants that are natural mosquito repellents for example Horsemint, Marigold, Catnip, bubblegum mint, Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Citronella Geranium etc. Best way is to crush a few leaves and apply topically as it releases the aroma and resists mosquitoes. So next time you decide to include some plants in your garden list don’t forget the above mentioned herbs for a healthier environment in and around your house.

A mosquito repellent doesn’t essentially kill mosquitoes. The work of repellents is to keep the mosquitoes away from you to minimise the probability of biting you.

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Use Sanitizer - Pee Buddy

Tips To Use Hand Sanitizers Effectively

There’s a proper way to make use of hand sanitizers and not many of us know about it. First and foremost its important that you pick the right kind of sanitizer/ hand disinfectant from the market. Make sure that the alcohol content exceeds 60% which suffices to kill the germs. Also, make sure that it has natural moisturisers added like aloevera for keeping your skin hydrated.

Tips for effective usage:Use Sanitizer - Pee Buddy

Hands should be not be soiled or greasy: To use a hand sanitizer efficiently, ensure your hands look clean, devoid of any noticeable dirt and muck before application. Otherwise the sanitizer will not be able to kill the germs.

Squeeze out an adequate/generous amount of sanitizer into your palms: Almost two teaspoons. It should be enough to cover your palms, wrist, fingers and nails. The fluid should cover your entire hands and not just limited to your palms.

Vigorous rub: Rub the sanitizer vigorously all over your hands, palms, fingers, finger tips and especially nails for good thirty seconds. Once your hands are dried out, you’re done.

No Towel drying: For no reason wash your hands with water or dab them dry with a tissue or a towel after the use of the hand sanitizer as this will work against the effect of the product.


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